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What is a PDF Form?

Like electric cars, WiFi, and just about everything with a screen, PDFs are one of those elements of modern life which we take for granted but which, like all the best things in life, is basically indistinguishable from magic. If … Continue Reading

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The Pain of PDF Forms

Picture the scene. It’s not quite lunchtime and it’s already been a long day. Nothing is quite going to plan. Perhaps that email attachment just won’t finish uploading and the passive aggressive loading bar is driving you to distraction. Perhaps … Continue Reading

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Taking PDFs by the Horns

Welcome to the new BullForms! BullForms began life in 2011 when two Realtors from Miami decided to improve their lives by building software that helped them fill out real estate forms. The software grew to over 1,200 active customers, and … Continue Reading

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